Art School Girlfriend

Art School Girlfriend is producer and singer Polly Mackey - the latest signing to Wolf Tone. 

Originally from Wrexham North Wales, Polly is now based in Margate's creative community after spending 5 years in the London music scene with fronting a shoegaze band. Art School Girlfriend is the next chapter in the musical tapestry of Polly’s life - exploring themes of lust, queer identity, infatuation and disillusionment.

Margate's coastline has provided a dramatic and apt backdrop for the upcoming debut EP, reflected in not only her uniquely intoxicating sound, but also the artwork and aesthetic. With everything written and produced by Polly in her studio space (which is nestled alongside Gabriel Stebbing, Ghost Culture et al) finishing touches were added at Epworth's infamous Church Studios. Raised on the music of The Velvet Underground, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Patti Smith, Art School Girlfriend's music is atmospheric and stark in equal measure, a perfect balance of calm and chaos.

Measures EP will have a limited run of 300 vinyl which is available via Bandcamp. 


Measures - EP

Art School Girlfriend


  1. An Uncomfortable Month
  2. Bending Back
  3. Anything You Want
  4. Measures


Art School Girlfriend

  1. Moon